This section of the page is dedicated to revealing the strange and confusing religious themes in Evangelion.

One interesting thing is the terminology used in Evangelion. One, obviously is Angels. The term Angel refers to a mesanger from God. In Evangelion the creators of the show had specified that in the english language version the large creatures would be called Angels, but a literal translation of the Japanese dialouge is more like Apostle or Emissary. A less well known term is the Lance of Longeenus, the Lance is the large green spear which is stuck is the chest of Lilith to restrict her growth. It is also used to destroy the 15th Angel. In the Bible the name comes from the name of the Roman soilder who used peirced the heart of Christ on the cross to confirm his death. Humans are also working towards evolution of mankind. That is what the Human Instrumentality Project is. The japanese translation is more like Human Completion or Human Enhancement. The project's goal is to change mankind from an incomplete herd to a complete one. The question arises why would the Angels want to destroy humanity. How will this help humanity to evolve physically or mentaly? If the Angels are actually Emissarys of some sort it could be that they want to destroy what prevents humans from becoming closer to God, what humans cling to most; their physical beings. Although NEON GENESIS EVANGELION is the name specified for the english language version in Japan it was called SHINSEIKI EVANGELION "shin" (new) "seiki" (century). This would translate to "New Century Gospel". Many of the religious foundations are connected to NERV. The NERV symbol consists of the word NERV a fig leaf and the words "God's in his heaven, All's right with the world." A quote by Robert Browning. The names of NERV's three supercomputers which basically run the city of Tokyo - 3 are named Melchior, Balthazar and Casper, but are usually refered to as (oddly enough) the Magi. The Eva's themselves also come somewhat from the Bible. Back in Mideval times the people took it upon themsleves to categorize all the demons of hell. Four Barons of Hell were described 1. a featureless face with one eye (unit 00) 2. a human looking face with a large horn on the face (unit 01) 3. blood red with 4 eyes (unit 02) 4. pitch black with long arms (unit 04). Many of these themes don't directly affect the plot of the show but are interesting never the less.