In this section I will attempt to explain some of what happens in Evangelion. I will try not to give away too much, but still if you haven't through End of Evangelion you will probably find some spoilers ahead. In the first episode, The beast that shouted "I" at the heart of the world Shinji Ikari arrives at NERV. It is the first time he has seen his father since he was a child. His father sent for him because Shinji is supposed to be the Third Child, the pilot of Evangelion Unit 01, he also meets Rei Ayanami, the pilot of Eva Unit 00. With no training or prior experience in an Eva Shinji is forced to fight the Third Angel which is attacking Tokyo 3. The angel severly damages the Eva's head and the Eva goes silent. Then it goes crazy and starts fighting the angel. Without shinji piloting it at all it rips through the Angels A.T. field and destroys it. In Genesis 0:2 Shinji meats Toji and Kenskai, two of his classmates. Toji and Kenskai sneak out of the shelter during an Angel attack to see Shinji fight. When Unit 01 almost falls on them they get in the entry plug with Shinji and witness how much he really suffers when he is in it. In Genesis 0:3 it starts with a flashblack to 22 days before the episode takes place. First Eva activation test is being done with Rei and Unit 00. Something goes wrong and the Eva goes berzerk. During the process the auto-ejection ejects the Entry plug. Gendo runs down into the test area and burns his hands on the scalding hot handle to open the hatch and get to Rei. Back in the episode the next Angel attacks and Shinji and Rei have to fight it together. Shinji has to pull of a perfect shot with the large sniper-like gun Misato has provided. Before Shinji fires the shot that destroys it, the Angel fires at Shinji. Rei, who is carryig a large shield, takes the shot for Shinji and he pulls off his shot. Unit 00 incures heavy damage and the plug is ejected. Shinji gets out of his Eva and opens the plug manually just like his father did when saving Rei. In Genesis 0:4 budget-cutting politicians want to replace Eva with a nuclear run replacement. Misato and Ritsuko go to a convention to see the new Eva. During a test though something goes wrong and there is the threat of it's nuclear core melting down. Misato has to be put inside the out of control Eva by unit 01 and shut it down manually. With just seconds before it melts down Misato shuts it down. Shinji meets the Second Child, Asuka Langley Sohryu. Asuka was raised in Germany and is extremely smart, at 14 she has graduated from a university. Her rudness towards others is just one way in which she hides her feelings. Asuka's mother went totaly insane after Asuka was born and thought that Asuka was a doll, and thought a doll that she kept with her all the time was Asuka. On the day Asuka was choosen to be the Second Child she found her mother in her room hanging form the ceiling and the doll with its head cut off. She remembers that her mother looked happy. Asuka, unlike Shinji and Rei, is outgoing and appears to enjoy being an Eva pilot, she says she pilots it "to show the world how great I am ofcourse." Rei, Shinji and Misato along with Toji and Kenskai fly out into the Pacific where a U.N. convoy is escorting it Japan. While on the aircraft carrier and angel attacks. The first underwater Eva battle occurs as Shinji and Auska take on the angel from inside Unit 02. The Angel was defeated. Eva 02 is not the real cargo though. Kaji, who is on the ship has the real cargo. Misato is less than happy at finding Kaji on the ship. She dated him in college, but says that no longer have a relationship, although Kaji seems to think different. When the Angel attacks Kaji leaves in a jet with a small brief case which he later delivers to Gendo at NERV headquarters. When Gendo opens it there is what appears a small embryo inside. Kaji asks him, "This is the keystone to Instrumentality isn't it?" Gendo answers, "Yes, this is the first human being... This is Adam" In Genesis 0:5 Asuka and Shinji have to perform a perfectly performed simutaneous attack when a new angel appears that can turn it self into to different bodys. Shinji and Asuka have to do everything together for 3 days so that they will have almost idenditcal syncros. When they are ready they attack the Angel which has split itself in two and defeat it. In Genesis 0:6 there is a power failure and the 3 Eva's fight simutaneoulsy for the first time. Misato's real reason for fighting the Angels is also so shown. She was in Antartica with her father, who treated her and her mother poorly and because of this she thought she hated him. (Note on second impact: In a nut shell second was caused when man tried to become one with God. Using the S2 theory man revived Adam, but because they were afraid this would awaken the other Angles they shruck Adam to an embryo, but they failed and were punished; Second Impact.) Although when Second Impact occured he sacrificed his life and put Misato in a small capsule that would protect her, because of this she was the only survivor of the Katsuragi research team, which was everyone in Antartica at the time. After another Angel destroyed Gendo tells Shinji that he did a good job. Shinji tells Misato that this is why he pilots the Eva, to hear those words of praise from his father. In Genesis 0:7 a new kind of Angel attacks in the form of a computer virus. Ritsuko has to find a way to destroy it and save her mothers work. The first two Maji supercomputers are taken over so all the work has to be done from the only remaining one, Casper (I think, have to double check). Ritsuko tells Maya that a piece of her mothers personality exists in each Magi; herself as a mother, a scientist, and a woman. In Genesis 0:8, Misato waits for Kaji in terminal Dogma and tells him that she knows he is not only working for NERV but is a spy for the Japanese Goverment. He tells her that Gendo knows this, but is using him to his own ends. Kaji opens "heavens door" and shows Misato that the first Angel, Adam is being kept at NERV headquarters. Also Unit 01 goes berzerk again when a new type of angel appears and takes unit 01 into itself. What appears to be the Angel (a large black and white sphere) is really a type of shadow, and what appears to be its shadow is the Angel itself. Unit 01 is sucked into the Sea of Dirac which exists in the ultra-thin space that is the Angel. Just as Ritsuko is about to put her plan to destroy the angel into action the Eva once again goes out of control. Shinji is also seconds from death as the Eva's life supports finally give out. Then the Eva bursts out of the shadow in the sky, which is apparently just a shadow of the Angel destroying it. Ritsuko tells Gendo she had never seen the Eva's look so horrible and had to wonder who's side they were on. She also mentions to him that Misato may suspect something. In Genesis 0:9 the Fourth Child is choosen. During the activation test of Unit 03 it goes crazy when it is apparently invaded by an angel. Although Asuka and Rei found out that the Fourth Child was Toji, Shinji did not. Gendo has Unit 03 written down as the 13th Angel and tells Asuka, Rei and Shinji to destroy it. It defeats Asuka and Rei and then proceeds to attack Unit 01. Although the unit 03 was strangling the life out of unit 01 and Shinji (since the pilots are directly connected to the Eva's Shinji feels the pain) he still refuses to attack Unit 03. He tells his father he will not fight back because he does not want to kill whoever the Fourth Child. While Shinji does not know the pilot is Toji he does know that it is another child his own age. Gendo orders the activation of the dummy plug. With the dummy plug active Shinji can only sit by idely while his Eva savagley rips apart unit 03 and then pulls out the entry plug and smashes it. Shinji becomes enraged that his father found the Childs life to be irrelavent and unleashed the fury of the Eva's auto-pilot on them. He makes mention of the fact that he has enough reserve power to destroy half of NERV. When Shinji finds out that it was Toji who was piloting the other Eva he finally snaps. Although Toji survived Shinji vowed never to pilot an Eva again. In Genesis 0:10 the deadliest Angel they had encountered yet attacks. Shinji can only watch helplessy as it defeats units 00 and 02. After talking with Kaji Shinji runs back to NERV tells his father he will pilot unit 01. It seemed as though the tables had turned as Shinji began to kill the Angel, but he ran out of power. The Angel began to destroy the powerless Eva. Just before the Eva is destroyed it reactivates and it sync shoots to 400% as Shinji is absorbed into it. After it kills the Angel the Eva proceeds to to eat the Angel. As it devoures the Angel its Armor falls off and its true form is revealed. It turns out that the armor is really just bindings that keep the Eva's under NERV's control. Genesis 0:11 starts back right after 2nd Impact. One of the most important scenes in that episode is the death of Rei I. Ritsuko's mother, Dr. Akagi, had just completed programming the three super computers known as the Magi; Balthasar, Melchior and Casper. Each computers core programming is part of Dr. Akagi's own personality: Herself as a mother, a scientist, and a woman. Rei, who is very young at the time, wanders into the area where Dr. Akagi is admiring her work on the Magi. Dr. Akagi asks Rei if she needs help finding her way back. Rei calls her an old hag and Dr. Akagi tells her that it isn't nice to call people that. Rei says that Gendo says, "That old hag is no use any more." In a fit of rage Dr. Akagi strangles Rei I to death and then shoots herself. In the second episode of Genesis 0:11 things get even worse for Asuka as she once again is defeated by an angel. The angel is spotted high in orbit and Unit 02 is sent out to destroy it. But before Asuka can shoot it a light comes down from the sky and falls upon Unit 02. The Angel begins to unravel Asuka mind and her already low sync ratio continues to drop, but she refuses to pull back becuase she does not want to lose again. Rei fires on the Angel, but it's AT field protects it. Gendo tells Rei to got down to Terminal Dogma and pull the Longinus Spear from Adam (Lillith). Unit 00 throws the spear into space and it peirces the the Angel, destroying, but the Longinus Spear gets stuck in a lunar orbit and because of it's huge mass it can't be retrieved. Asuka becomes very angry and says, "that bitch Rei saved me, I would have rather died." Kaji is also killed, but by whom is unknown, it may have been Gendo, or someother NERV personel. He is standing in a small building and the door opens, he says "your late." A shot is then fired. It seems as though Kaji may have known he was going to be killed; before he is killed he leaves Misato message. "If I ever get a chance too see you again I will say the words I didn't eight years ago." He sends her all his information he has and sends her the password to "heavens gate" which she changes. Although Kaji was a spy for the Japanese government he was probably using that job for the same reason; he just wanted to know the truth behind Eva. When the next Angel attacks in Genesis 0:12 it attacks Unit 00 and starts to invade the Eva. Asuka is sent up as backup but her sync is less than ten and she can't even get the Eva to walk. Unit 01 then attempts to save Rei. Instead of ejecting though Rei lets the Angel continue to invade her so that Unit 01 can keep its AT - Field up and fight the Angel. Before Rei is destroyed with the Eva she crys, she does not know why she crying, or what a tear is. The last thing Rei sees in her mind before she is destroyed along with Eva is Gendo. Shinji is given word that Rei survived, but when he talks to her Rei can't remember anything at all. This is because as we find out later Rei was killed. The Rei Shinji talks to is really Rei III. The first Rei was killed as a child when Ritsuko's mother strangled her death. Misato waits for Ristuko at "heavens gate" and lets her in with her new password. Ristuko shows them the Eva graveyard where the skeletons of all the failed Evas are put, it also where Yui dissapeared. Ristuko tells Shinji that he was there when Yui dissapeared. She also shows them the truth behind Instrumentality and Rei. There are dozens of copys of Rei's physical form. They are all like empty shells which can be filled with a soul (or something like that?). Ristuko then presses a button on some remote she has with her, which destroys all the Reis. She says she hates them, that they are mindless things with a human form, and she lost him (Gendo) to them, just like her mother. Asuka is relieved of her command as an Evangelion pilot and her replaced by Kaoru, the Fifth Child. He makes quick friends with Shinji and Shinji feels okay telling him things he would not even tell Misato, like how he hates his father. Kaoru seems to have a strong affection for Shinji (he actually appears to be gay). Kaoru is not really the Fifth Child though, SEELE in fact sent the 17th and final Angel to NERV. Taking control of Unit 02 he heads down to Terminal Dogma where Adam is pinned on the cross. But Kaoru lures Shinji down there for a reason and wants him to defeat Eva Unit 02. Kaoru knows he can connect with Adam, whom he notices to be Lillith, Adam's wife, and initiate the Thrid Impact. After defeating the pilotless Unit 02 Shinji reaches out and grabs Kaoru. Kaoru tells Shinji, "Only one lifeform can be choosen to evade the destruction and inherit the future. And your are not the existence that should die. You need the future. Thank you, my life was meaningful because of you. Now destroy me. That is my will." Shinji does not want to kill him but in the end he carries out Kaoru's wish and crushes him in the hand of Unit 01. In Genesis 0:13 it is just an introspection of Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and Misato. Third impact has occured and Shinji has to come to terms with himself. He has to decide if he can continue living in this world; do people only respect his self in Eva or can he be himself? These final two episodes are hard to interpret, but basically what it is saying is that humans have a hole in their soul, which is the source of all frustration and pain. They try to fill it with the presence of other humans, in other words, other people are needed to define ones own existence. The human instrumentality project is just the merging of all humans into one mind. This is supposedly man's evolution. The last line is Shinji saying: Thank you to my father Goodbye to my mother and to all the children.. congratulatoins The alternate ending to Genesis 0:13 is the movie End of Evangelion and Evangelion Death/Rebirth. Death is just a summary of all the episodes and Rebirth is the first half on End of Evangelion although it is a little different. The first episode of End of Evangelion is Air. When it begins SEELE attacks NERV and wants to use the Eva to initiate the Third Impact. After the Geo Front is destroyed they deploy the Eva's because they know the pilots will be killed. Asuka is sent into a lake above NERV because her syncro is zero. While under the lake she discovers that her mother is the soul of her Eva. This knowledge is all she needed to know to get her syncro back. She begin to fight off the SEELE troops, but is soon attacked by the Eva series, which has been completed. She fights the Eva series and thinks she has destroyed them, but they regenerate and she runs out of power. The Eva series attacks her powerless mech and kills the Eva. While this is going on Ritsuko is waiting for Gendo is Terminal Dogma, she has him at gun point and the pulls out a remote. She says, "a little while ago I changed the Magi's programming.. This is my last wish mother, die with me." She pushed a button and seems to be waithing for something to happen. Maji was supposed to self destruct NERV or something to that effect, but Casper, which is Ritsuko's mother's self as a woman refuses the command. Gendo shoots Ritsuko. The second episode of the movie is My pure heart for you. Gendo turns to Rei and says, "take me to Yui". Rei rejects him though and unites with Lilith herself, she tells Gendo, "I am not a doll." Rei unites with Lilith and then Lilith starts to take the form of Rei and begins to grow in size and elevate upwards out of Terminal Dogma. Eva 01 is launched and just as quickly as it is launched Shinji loses control of it. Eva 01 calls back the lance from it's luner orbit and the Eva series each surround unit 01 from different positions in the sky. It's arms raise out to it's side and looks like its on a cross and then the using unit 01 the Eva series start Third Impact. When Rei/Lilith reaches the elecation in the sky where Unit 01 is the Lance which was called back by unit 01 starts to peirce the core of the Eva and then the Eva becomes the tree of life. (When Eva ate the Angel in Genesis 0:10 it took the S2 organ into itself. The Eva series all have the S2 engine, so they don't need a power source to stay active, neither does Eva 01. In Genesis 0:9 the third branch in Nevada U.S.A. is destroyed when they try and put the S2 engine in Eva 04.) Rei/Lilith takes Unit 01 into herself and the fate of mankind falls into Shinji's hand. As Fuyutski says, "Eva will either Ark that saves mankind or the demon that destoys it." Suddenly the earth "dies", it becomes nothing but a scared planet with no life (like mars [sort of]) and Everyone begins to evolve (they see what it is they live for or believe or something to that effect.) The black moon (also known as Lilith's egg) appears over the earth and the souls of human being begin to return to it. (NOTE: SEELE wants Third Impact because they beleived that Third impact would be the evolution of mankind, although only if all seventeen Angels are destroyed first, because if an Angel causes Third Impact mankind will be destroyed. Gendo and Fuyutski both beleive that Third Impact can only bring the end of mankind and that all the Angels must be destroyed to prevent it.) [OTHER NOTE: The Angels are all just other possibilites of what humans could of been. Angels bear the fruit of life and humans bear th fruit of intelligence.] The souls don't all return to Lilith's egg though to evolve and become one mind. Eva unit 01 or more likley Shiniji since he hates himself reject Lilith and she loses her A.T. feild and can no longer hold Lilith's egg together. The Souls explode out of Lilith's egg and are doomed to stay in orbit around earth for all eternity. One of the last scenes is a flash back to right after Second Impact where Yui is talking to Fuyutsiko and tells him he is right in his thinking that man built Eva to replace God. As Fyustisko says, with Eva, "man's history will be recorded forever." Even in 5 billion years Eva 01 will still be alive, even with out the Sun, Moon or Earth it will survive. It does not need anything to live. The last episode ONE MORE FINAL: I need you. leave Shinji on a beach on the scared lifeless earth and he is strangling Asuka. She reaches up and touches his face and he quits, then crys for a few minutes and Asuka says, "I feel sick." That is the final End of Evangelion.